Just another Muslim Marriage App

We at OhHelloo.com didn’t create this website nor the mobile app just to be another site on the block, we did it because the solutions that are out there just aren’t working, nor are they up to date or interactive. Too many Muslims are single longer than they planned to be, marriage is taking a back seat not only because some choose to concentrate on their studies or career, but often also because they simply haven’t come across the right match yet. Let’s be honest, nowadays, where do we go to find our Muslim match.

We live in a time where everything is becoming digital and mobile, and Muslims simply do not have time to go out on their own or with families and find a suitable potential. As we move towards the digital era, we have created a mobile app which allows users not only to find partners but to find them in a secure, fun, halal manner which gives full comfort to the end users on seeing, hearing and really having a true grasp of what he or she will look like when you finally meet. We have got rid of all the nasty surprises and made the process in such a way that giving out your personal number is one not required and if it is it’s given at a stage where the female Muslims are fully comfortable.

  • Friends? Why limit ourselves to our circle of friends? And what if we’re not interested in who our friends know?
  • Family? Going over to a family friend’s house with a possible potential? That’s pretty awkward most of the time.
  • The night life? Really? We are going to find our perfect partners busting moves on the dance floor to Justin Bieber… Is she the one who will complete the other half of your Deen..?
  • Current Muslim marriage websites and Apps? Have you seen them? They’re a little outdated. Simply put, current Muslim marriage/introductions sites just aren’t up to todays standards, they aren’t fun, they don’t do what they’re supposed to do and they charge way too much! The Muslim apps, again are outdated, technical reviews indicate they are not efficient and sturdy apps

OhHelloo.com was created by Muslims, for Muslims.  We’re young, professional Muslims, looking for other professional Muslims just as you are.  It’s tough nowadays to find the right Muslim match, and we’ll be the first to admit it. We created this mobile app to be a community of Muslim singles.  Gone are the days where you simply click through half empty profiles endlessly.  Our app is much different than that.  You swipe right and up to the matches you see yourself in the future with, chat with users, making it personal with sharing more images when you have matched, ask the imam a question if you are unsure about anything, upload a video file to add to the 4k dimension we live in, see who has visited you, check your daily, monthly stats, read our exciting blog among many other cool features!

The best part is that all these high end features are offered at a very affordable price, we have taken the consideration of all the market places and priced this in such a way that no one is deprived of our platform. Our mobile features are well ahead from the likes of muzmatch and minder, our concept of making this app and its features has a perfect story.

Download our app from the App and Google Store and start swiping to find your perfect match and don’t delay in completing the other half of your Deen.