Benefits of a Membership

There are tons of benefits you get from being a member on our mobile app.  Joining our app is FREE and will open the doors for you to the only Muslim site that combines the best features from a Muslim marriage website with a Muslim social networking website.  We are an evolving mobile app with a highly skilled team of developers and designers, and are always trying to improve and refine our existing features, while also introducing new and exciting features that you can benefit from! (Some features mentioned are paid features for premium members) Some of our features include:

Personalized Matches

  • our app uses many algorithms that automatically matches your profile with other profiles on our app that share similarities with you
  • Matches are made based on Location, Profession, Salary, Ages


  • Our most common mobile gesture is swiping so we kept it simple for you all, Swipe left for those who you don’t fancy, right for those who you do fancy and swipe up for those who really tickle your interest with our SOOPER feature.
  • Click our BOOST feature and you are instantly matched and off you go with your opening line, just make it a good one.

Chat, Voice and Video

  • Upload up to 7 Images, a picture for every day of the week.
  • Our LOOP feature allows you to add a boomerang type video

Every match made, you can start chatting away. With our state of the art messaging system, it’s easy to keep track of all your messages, you can even see if your message was read.

  • You can add some sound to the chats with our SWOOSH, hold the mic and start recording your voice notes, adds that extra dimension to the photo you have seen. The voice behind the face.
  • If the chats are good, you can unlock our flagship OH HELLOO feature, a video call feature. Now you see them in real time, just make sure you are dressed to impress, as they say first impressions are lasting ones.


  • Our OOPS I did it again feature lets you rewind one step back when you have swiped wrongly, we all deserve a second chance.
  • Our FOOLISH feature prevents people from taking screen shot so no one can manipulate any images or profile content. We did say we have security at the forefront.
  • Our BOOM feature is unlocked when your match has pressed the golden buzzer and has unlocked her mobile phone number, to take it to the next level, only the women are in charge of this.
  • Wellbeing is important so our SNOOZE feature allows matches to know you are taking a break and lets them know you are not being rude by ignoring, they probably think you have found someone else.

Ask a qualified scholar

  • Many of us don’t have all the Islamic knowledge to answer all of our own questions
  • We’ve collaborated with a number of imams to answer any of your questions.

See who has viewed your profile is

  • It takes a lot of courage to message another user.  But if you know that a sister or brother has already viewed your profile, it’s comforting knowing that if they viewed you, they may be interested in getting to know you as well

Public and private picture capability

  • We understand that not all users feel comfortable showing their picture to everybody on the website
  • You can set your picture as private so that only you decide who can view it

Parameters around who can see you

  • We understand that some users get bombarded from other users who they know they’re not interested in
  • Whether you’re only looking for a partner within a certain age range, or even a certain background, you have the power to set these parameters so that only users who fall within those parameters can message you


  • We have made these features very affordable, we are considerably cheaper than tinder, bumble, muzmatch, and minder, and they do not even have any features close to ours, why because our goal is to find you your perfect match and that is our critical priority. 
  • Our Premium membership is $7.99 which comes with all the features, and it is ONLY $65.00 for the year. We also have a Platinum membership which is $9.99 and ONLY $89.99 for the year. 
  • For Asia and Middle East Countries our prices vary and prices start from ONLY $2 a month. 
  • We have the mobile app in several different languages covering the global Muslim population. 

These are just a few of the many exciting features that we’re giving our members for FREE! (for a limited time).  

Download our app from the App and Google Store and start swiping to find your perfect match and don’t delay in completing the other half of your Deen.