About Oh Helloo

Oh Helloo has been an incredible journey for me to start and complete to the level you see it today, it has been the good part of 6 months to create and develop, with 1000s of hours brainstorming, designing and developing all in honour of making this easy for you to take that huge step forward to starting a new chapter in your life. I as Muslim understand the importance of being married and the significance of being married at a mature youthful age. My entire vision has been to make this as easy as possible for you, have features in place which truly have a significance of the journey of finding someone, matching the right people, chatting in a manner which you are familiar with using apps like WhatsApp, what happens when you feel a little comfortable with someone you exchange numbers and talk, well no one ever needs to be on the edge to do this anymore, you can leave voice notes and hear the other person before you actually meet them. The app adds every dimension you need to be comfortable with. At the moment you see images of profiles and we still worry well I wonder what they look like in person,  you don’t have to worry about this anymore, we have thought outside the box, Oh Helloo covers all aspects of ensuring that you are comfortable before you go and see a potential partner. We have given you the ability to upload up to 7 images giving you a broader view of what people look like in different outfits, a short video which adds a dimension of realism, being able to send and receive voice notes, people are always curious I wonder what he sounds like, we always picture it but now don’t picture it, experience it. Finally you have the chance to unlock the video call feature, what more do you want, see, hear and now be in front of the person via a video call. You don’t have to waste time or money on meeting someone, see and have that chat before you do, it’s all about making the journey easy and interactive. And when you reach that level of trust and comfortability you can unlock each other’s mobile numbers and we also have a recommend a date feature, go and meet someone who you should be excited to see and already know a lot about. 

The Company Name

This is a very common phrase we all use, anything which seems to impress us, our natural reaction is Oh Helloo, it’s a phrase used to show a particular kind of likeness towards someone you find attractive or an act which you find pleasing, it is something I still say a lot, but I have to be careful as It can get me in trouble.. I chose this name to have that fun element to the experience along with the features we have they name and features work in a beautifully complimentary manner. We all live busy and serious lives so when we are in our comfort zone we want it to be fun and exciting and that is exactly what we achieved with the app.

Why another marriage app

The easiest answer to this is from my research and experience I found every credible platform out there now is outdated, too expensive and it never had a story telling way of how it works. It felt like it has just been created as an imitation of another and off you go. We will do a comparison with competitors very soon and you will all be able to see how and why we are different. I think you will be able to answer this yourself. One think I would say is that we are very affordable with all our subscriptions and in app purchases, I guarantee you Oh Helloo is the cheapest and has by far the most advanced features compared to its rivals. I already have additional features ready to enhance your overall experience further in finding your perfect partners.

Well Wishes

I truly and sincerely wish every one of our users the greatest of luck and prayers in finding your better half, May Allah make your journey in finding the best spouse fruitful and pave the way into a magical life ahead. Ameen

Kind Regards