We believe pairs are already made in heaven, so if you really like the look and enjoyed what you read then click BOOST and match instantly.
If swiping right does not get the attention you need then SOOPER swipe up and this will for sure.
If images speak a thousand words then one of our LOOP videos do not stop, so add a new dimension to your profile and increase the attention you are guaranteed to get.

Why Join Oh Helloo

It’s the perfect combination between a Muslim marriage and a Muslim social networking website. We provide a halal environment for Muslim singles to enjoy themselves online, and insha’Allah, find a Muslim partner during this process.
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Looking and looping done, so its time for the voice behind the face. You can now leave voice notes in your best accents, dont forget to sound posh.
Our BOOM feature is unlocked when the Lady has pressed the golden buzzer to unlock her mobile number, take it away Gents...
Our OOPS I did it again feature lets you rewind if you swiped by mistake, everyone deserves a second chance.

The Next BIG Muslim Marriage App

We at Oh Helloo didn't create this website nor the mobile app just to be another site on the block, we did it because the solutions that are out there just aren't working, nor are they up to date or interactive. Too many Muslims are single longer than they planned to be, marriage is taking a back seat not only because some choose to concentrate on their studies or career, but often also because they simply haven’t come across the right match yet. Let’s be honest, nowadays, where do we go to find our Muslim match.
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The SNOOZE feature puts you at rest and let’s others know you are away. Your well being is important to us.
Our FOOLISH feature adds that extra peace of mind and security to prevent naughty people from taking screen shots of your details and images.
OH HELLOO feature is unlocked at random when matches interact and exchange messages. This will throw a SOOPRISE and now your able to video call, I hope you are dressed to impress.

Benefits of a Membership

There are tons of benefits you get from being a member on our mobile app. Joining our app is FREE and will open the doors for you to the only Muslim site that combines the best features from a Muslim marriage website with a Muslim social networking website. We are an evolving mobile app with a highly skilled team of developers and designers.
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